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September 9, 2015
February 17, 2016

Customers on the Ticktok profile can now enjoy super low discounts on calls over the weekend in a promotional offer code-named WEEKEND DISCOUNT

TICKTOK prepaid subscribers who spend airtime of 5,000shs and above on Local/International voice calls, SMS & data shall be accorded discounted tariffs over the weekend as follows;


Package Name Airtime Usage On net rate/ sec Off net Rate/ sec
Weekend Tick Talk 1 >10,000shs 2 2.5
Weekend Tick Talk 2 5,000 – 10,000shs 3 3


Dynamics and FAQ’s

  • Customer’s airtime usage should be within the above two stated ranges for one to qualify and should be from Monday to Thursday midnight.
  • The above discount on calls will be from Friday midnight to Sunday midnight and what ever the customer loads and spends in this time frame is not counted as part of usage.
  • Calls within Monday to Thursday midnight will be at the normal ticktok rate of 5shs per sec for local on-net and off-net while SMS’s will be at 99shs.
  • Borrowed airtime or airtime got through topowa and bonuses are not counted part of the usage, we only consider airtime used from the main account.
  • Airtime bought through electronic purchases and through M-sente as well is counted as part of the usage
  • Customers will loose the benefits of the profile incase they activate another profile like KIZZE, CMB, Bonga forever etc.
  • Customers on this profile can also subscribe to any other promotion/service like SMS bundles, data bundles, and International bundle on top on the weekend discount offer.
  • For a customer who activates kwiktok and Endobo off-net, they will be taken back to ticktok profile at midnight and if usage qualifies him/her he will then be eligible for the discount.
  • Only active numbers fully registered are eligible.
  • The above charges exclude international calls.
  • The Campaign will run for 90 days.
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